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Melissa Toledo

Creativity has always been there for me. Be it through music or art, my road to becoming a photographer included playing the cello, learning how to fence, working on an aircraft carrier, and a kennel, becoming a licensed scuba diver, being the lead singer in an electronica band, and singing karaoke.

My professional career began in the Bronx, NY, in the small office of my college newspaper where I learned desktop publishing and later became the Editor-in-Chief. Since then I’ve been a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Production Artist, Event Coordinator and Production Studio Manager. For over twenty years I worked at award-winning creative agencies like Sony, DDB, Grey Advertising, Liquid Agency, and Razorfish, where I gained in-depth knowledge on how images are selected, processed and used in campaigns.

Today I’m a Photographer who works with agencies, businesses and individuals. My areas of focus are Photographing People, Event Photography and Product Photography. When I’m on the job, instincts and heuristics come into play, especially at events and when capturing people, because a moment only happens once.

I’m a third generation New York City Puerto Rican, now based out of Portland, OR since 2005. I share my home with my awesome family, two fun kitties, and some cool hummingbirds.

Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in my photography. 
- Melissa Toledo, Photographer

• Professional Photographers of America  
• Oregon Professional Photographers Association


Giving back is a humbling experience. On several occasions I've been invited to speak about my photography experience with students at the University of Oregon, Cleveland High School. Benson High School and Black Lives Matter.

• CAREER DAY, October 2019 - Melissa Toledo answers the question, "what's it like to be a Freelance Photographer?"
Presented by Cleveland High School. Portland, OR.

PORTLAND MEDIA DAY LECTURE, March 2019 - "Taking Better Photos".
As an event photographer it’s my job to know how to read a scene quickly and take imagery my clients will want to share with the world. In this session, I discuss the steps I take to ensure a high success rate of useable and professional imagery. I show my methods for getting around as quietly as I can while at the same time getting into positions to shoot what I need. 
Presented by the University of Oregon. Portland, OR.

PORTLAND MEDIA DAY LECTURE, 2018 - "Taking Better Pictures with Event Photographer Melissa Toledo."
Presented by the University of Oregon. Portland, OR.

• PHOTOGRAPHY LECTURE March 2018 (below images) - Photographer Melissa Toledo speaks with student activists about the importance of making every shot count and gives pointers on how to help make that happen.  Portland, OR.
Invited by Social Activist Teressa Raiford.

• PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER CLASS 2017 - "Career Exploration and Creative Insights with Photographer Melissa Toledo." In addition to talking about my experience with Photography, I lead a masterclass focusing on improvising with your photography using one light.
Benson Polytechnic H.S. / LÁMP:ARA.  Portland, OR.

• PHOTOGRAPHER INTERVIEW. "Photographer Melissa Toledo by Caroline Soria." Portland, OR. 2017. 

• LATINO SERIES FESTIVAL 2016 - "Career Exploration Workshop with Newyorican Photographer Melissa Toledo." In this session I chat to students about my own life and my journey to becoming a Freelance Photographer.
Benson Polytechnic H.S. / LÁMP:ARA.  Portland, OR.

• BEST OF 2015: Toledo Images. Awarded by Thumbtack.
• The Chocolate & Art Show. Melissa Toledo Photography - "Noir Portraiture Collection." Portland, OR. 2015
• The St. Helens. Melissa Toledo Photography - "NW Fine Art Collection." Portland, OR. 2015
• Pancakes & Booze Art Show. Melissa Toledo Photography - "Portraits." Portland, OR. 2015
• TOP 3 PDX PHOTOGRAPHERS for 2013. Nominated by RAW: natural born artists.
• TRANSLATIONS. RAW, natural born artists. Melissa Toledo Photography - "Portraits." Portland, OR. 2013
• VisionMix Photographer Showcase. Melissa Toledo Photography - "Portraits." Portland, OR. 2013

• Ampersand Literary. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Grand Canyon Collection" Nov 2016 
• American Writers Journal. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Grand Canyon Collection" 2016 
• Dream Fever Magazine. New Americana Issue. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Photo Story: Honor Guard Ceremonies" Fall 2015
• IMIRAGE Magazine. Passion and Fire Issue. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Urban/Street Photography" Oct 2015
• Dream Fever Magazine. Body Confidence Issue. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Portraits" Summer 2015
• Twisted Vine Arts Journal. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Gone but not forgotten" Spring 2015
• Carrot Bean Magazine. Melissa Toledo Photographer; Black and White Landscape, "Enchanted" & "Solitude" Mar 2015
• NW Creative Arts Magazine. Melissa Toledo Photographer; Black and White Portraiture, "Portraits" Nov 2014
• Origami Journal. Melissa Toledo Photographer; "Fine Art" Winter 2014

Toledo Images offers photography services in Portland, Oregon and is the official company for Melissa Toledo.
All images on this site have been captured by Melissa Toledo. © 2020 Melissa Toledo. USA.

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