Shoot Prep & Details - Melissa Toledo


• BRING 5-6 OUTFITS. It's good to have options. Your portraits should be a reflection of you. Choose outfits you love. Think of those special pieces you might not wear often because they’re impractical for day-to-day use, or the go-to blouse you always wear when you’re going somewhere nice. And don’t forget your favorite pair of nice fitting jeans.
• FIT YOUR FORM. Fitted clothing that shows your shape work best for photographs. This applies to any body type. Choose outfits that will hug and flatter your curves, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.
• AVOID WHITE. If you can, try to avoid wearing white in your photos. White always wins the eye and it also tends to overexpose.
• AVOID PRINTS. Patterns and prints are distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print will steal that attention.
• CONSIDER NECKLINES. Don’t hide your collarbone. Boat neck, scoop neck, square neck, deep V and off the shoulder are great necklines. However, if you love turtlenecks, go for it! Feel free to bring whatever calls to you. Mixing up the necklines will add variety to your shots, so try not to bring all of one style.
• MARKS FROM CLOTHES. Depending on what we're shooting, it’s important to try not to wear tight clothing to the shoot which may leave marks on your skin. This includes bras, jeans, etc.
• BRAS. Bring more than one bra. A single white or black bra usually doesn’t work for all your clothing.
• JEWELRY / ACCESSORIES. Simple accessories can make a big difference.
• SHOES - WOMEN. You can’t go wrong in heels, pumps or wedges.
• SHOES - MEN. Dress shoes or boots are best.
• Stylish, urban sneakers are good too. Unless it's a fitness shoot, avoid running shoes.
• And of course, bare feet are always welcome.

• MAKE-UP. Investing in good make-up is a wise thing to do. If you’re not quite sure what to get, make-up consultants at places like Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Sephora are glad to help you figure it out.
• EXFOLIATE. A nice, soothing session using a grainy scrub (or gently rubbing your skin with a washcloth) on your face and body is great way to ensure flake free skin.
• LIPS. You will probably wipe or lick your lips during your shoot, so bring fresh lip-gloss or lipstick to do touch-ups.
• TOUCH UP YOUR ROOTS. If you dye your hair, touching up your regrowth three days before your photo shoot is ideal.
• GET A TRIM. Neat, healthy hair is best. If it’s been a while since your last haircut, even a subtle trim can make a world of difference.
• DEEP CONDITION. Your salon can do a professional conditioning treatment, or you can use your favorite deep conditioner or protein pack at home.
• HAIR ACCESSORIES. If we’re shooting outdoors, be ready to put your hair up and make it look nice in case of a windy day. Bring bobby pins, hair clips, headbands or any other favorite accessories.

• WOMEN. Shaving can be done the night before. Be sure to get your legs and underarms, and if you’ll be wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, go for the bikini area as well. If you go the waxing route, give yourself a few days to heal before your shoot. If you decide to have your eyebrows waxed, be sure to schedule the appointment for at least a few days before your photo shoot. Otherwise, an eyebrow trim/touch up at home could be done a day or two before the shoot.
• MEN. Be freshly shaved with a new razor, shaving cream and a moisturizing after-shave lotion to avoid bumps and redness. Trim up your beard, sideburns, moustache or goatee, especially looking for wiry stray hairs.

• A fresh coat of nail polish will make a world of difference in your photo shoot. Pick a soft, neutral color that won’t distract in your shoot or clash with your outfits. If you can’t get to the salon, make sure your nails look tidy and clean, including the cuticles.
• Toes can get away with any color. Think about the outfits you’re bringing and be sure to choose a color that will compliment your choices.

• Dry skin can really detract from a great photo shoot. Start moisturizing nightly a week in advance of your shoot. When you get out of the shower, dry off until lightly damp, and moisturize. Focus on anywhere you’ll be exposed to the camera. This includes your legs if you’re shooting in shorts or a skirt.
• Be sure to use a facial moisturizer on your face, not a thick body moisturizer, or you could break out.

• Wear something that is comfortable, easy to move in, and will highlight your belly if you wrap your hands around it.
• Solid colors work well, but if you choose to wear a pattern, larger scale tends to work better (i.e., wide stripes, large floral, etc.) to flatter your growing baby bump.
• You may need to sit or lie down for some poses. Please wear clothing that would make this easier. Maxi dresses are great for creating a more regal, sophisticated look and are also really great for modesty.
• Separates work best for “bare belly” shots. All black can sometimes make the belly “disappear” in photos.
• Long sheets of beautiful light and shear fabric, a minimum of 4 to 5-feet that you can wrap around yourself, is a favorite for mothers-to-be.


• Every image gets basic editing including color correction, exposure, contrast, sharpness, cropping and minor blemishes.
• Our goal with retouching is to keep the image looking natural.
Retouching is done ONLY upon request and begins at $55 per hour.
• After you decide which image you want, at the size you want...simply call or e-mail me afterwards and let me know that you'd like it retouched. Be sure to note the items you would like addressed.

• Everyone we shoot is required to sign a standard model release form which we will provide. 

• Unless previously discussed and paid for, these are the property of Toledo Images and will never get released. 

• When possible, please credit your photographer as: Melissa Toledo, Photographer

• If we're scheduled to shoot outdoors, but it rains, we will schedule a new date.

• All shoots will require a 1/2 fee deposit, payable via PayPal. 
• Final payment for the shoot will be due in full at the end of the shoot. Cash/MC/Visa/Money Order accepted.
• Shoots booked within 48 hours of shoot date will require Full Payment.
• Payment for prints and digital downloads will be required at time of ordering.

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